TENMA 72-8155 digital LCR meter Review

by Noel on August 8, 2012

A few weeks ago I got a brand new TENMA 72-8155 digital LCR meter from element14. Aside from a digital multimeter, one of the things you must have is a digital LCR meter.

LCR stands for L (Inductance) C (Capacitance) R (resistance). A typical cheap multimeter can measure voltages, current, resistance, continuity. Some of the better ones includes a capacitance meter but not inductance.

The Tenma 72-8155 is quite inexpensive at around $56 at Newark about PHP3,300+ at element14 Philippines.

Resistance Test

I have a Hioki LCR meter (LCR HiTESTER 3522-50) and a Fluke 187 multimeter so I’ve tried doing a resistance test and measure a 100 ohm (1% tolerance) resistor across all 3 meters and see how it goes.

Tenma 72-8155

Spot on.



Capacitance Test


Tenma Reading: 41nF


Fluke Reading: 44.1nF


Hioki Reading: 42.9nF

For general purpose capacitance reading, I think Tenma performed well.



Tenma Reading: 164uH


Hioki Reading: 160.9uH

All in all, it’s not bad at all. To give you a financial perspective, a brand new Hioki LCR costs about $3000. For just $56, I would recommend hobbyists like me to get hold of the Tenma 72-8155 digital LCR.

Apart from the LCR readings, it can also do diode test, continuity, and transistor HFE tests.

Where to buy:

US – NewArk
Philippines – element14

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