Programming Gizduino on a Mac OS X

by Noel on February 22, 2012

I just got a macbook pro and I would want to try and do arduino programming on this machine. For now, I’ll zoom in and discuss more about Gizduino (an arduino clone).

One thing quite different is that this doesn’t use an FTDI chip. It uses another chip called PL2303 (Prolific). So in order for OS X to recognize the device, we need to load a USB driver.

Go to the Prolific Website’s download area (

Then look for the Prolific Driver for Mac OS X.

You can just click on this link if you want

Unzip the file. Then locate the PL2303 dmg file, and then click to install.

Follow the instruction during installation.

Now let’s install the Arduino IDE.

Go to the arduino site download area ( and download the Arduino for Mac and install.

To test if everything is ok, open up your arduino IDE, plugin your Arduino (Gizduino), and go to “Tools > Serial Port”. You should see the new serial ports being recognized.

Here’s a video of how to select the appropriate serial, the board, and how to compile and upload your program to your arduino/gizduino.


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